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After two weeks break the Sweetness returned to school yesterday. It was Outdoor Recall exercise. Kato had to "Stay" with the trainer (and 19 other dogs/owners) whilst hippy ran away around a corner and then called her. Kato, suddenly free in a wide open space of dogs, some to play with, maybe settle some scores from Playtime arguments, some boy dogs to flirt with....would she, wouldn't she?.........gulp......everyone held their breath......but the Clever Mensa Sweetness was recalled with jubilant perfection.

Next week the class have to take a favourite toy for Follow Me exercise - hmmm, Katos favourite toys are currently a 2 inch square piece of chewed cardboard or Abe.........

In other news - Lindsay has been wearing her magnetic collar for over two weeks, and loath as we cynics are to admit it, there appears to be some improvement in the creaky old dudess. Lindsay has been doing four cantering laps of the garden and getting upstairs with medium ease, even coming in to land with more of a drunken wobble rather than a splatter. The only way to prove or disprove would be to take the collar off, which seems cruel. So it stays on.
We think the glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate are doing the trick for Penny. I found some at the local pharmacy for £1.89. It is not the perfect dose (less of the chondroitin sulphate than recommended), but at that price it'll do. I did check Boots and Holland & Barrat, which were cheaper than the vet (about £18 instead of £100) and it seems to be the chondroitin that is expensive. But I like my local pharmacy, they are very helpful, even to getting me some saltpetre so I could make some spiced beef. Places like Boots won't sell it in case you try to make a bomb with it. Which is silly, because if you want to spice beef you need a couple of ounces, but if you wanted to make a bomb you'd need pounds of the stuff. Sorry got a bit carried away there.

Anyway it does seem to be helping, so now it's Jazz's turn to worry us. Nothing very wrong, she has been intermittently off her food, but not both meals in any one day. And she is being very soppy and affectionate, then back to being aloof and elegant. This has been going on for about a week now. She'll be nine in August, middle-aged, do bitches do the menopause?

"She'll be nine in August, middle-aged, do bitches do the menopause?"

Hmmm, dunno, always had my ladies speyed, wonder if they do HRT for dogs, though I don't think a randy Lindsay is a dog I want to meet. Lindsay was embaressing enough drooling after young Blade at the weekend.

......all speyed, except the unfriendly,male-dog-hating,frosty old bitch, Hatty (capital and canine version) who later got pyrometra at around age 8/9, saved by the vet - you might want to get Jazz hormones/tum-tum checked just in case. The first symptoms of Hattys pyro were a change in mood, vague lethargy and fluctuating appetite.

Heh! So if Jazz leaves her food...does Penny dare to steal it?

We should search out that gluco wotist for Lindsay - is there a brand name?
Will have to check out the pyrometra idea, thinking back it was one of the possible problems, along with breast cancer, mentioned by the vet when we were discussing the pro's and con's of a late spey (late because we might have bred her if she hadn't turned out to have such a nervous temperament). At the time the vet reckoned the risks were 50/50 and we opted for no operation.

The recomended doses were glucosamine sulphate 475mg and chondroitin sulphate 350mg for a dog of Penny's size. I don't know how much bigger the old lady is, all that fur is deceptive. The stuff our chemist sells is by Numark and is to be found along with all the other miracle supplements - evening primrose oil, St John's wort, selenium, codliver oil. It has 400mg and 100mg respectively. How much it would help Lindsay I don't know, the vet was mostly talking in terms of slowing the rate of joint deterioration, but also of some alleviation of symptoms so it's probably worth trying. Of course as with most supplements the most effects are reckoned to be seen after a couple of months ("by which time you've got into the habit of taking them and can't remember how good or bad things were before you started" the cynic murmers). But this guy (the vet) does seem to keep up to date and be evidence based. And the evening primrose oil he suggested to help with Penny's skin certainly seems to have had a significant effect. The other vet had said that the blackened, thickened skin would be permanent, but it has cleared up completly. Anecdotal of course.

"Heh! So if Jazz leaves her food...does Penny dare to steal it?"
Oh yes, but then Jazz is pretty relaxed about food, she doesn't always scour her bowl anyway and the two of them check each others bowls when they've finished their own, so if she leaves a little Penny is used to finishing it up . And if it's a lot that's just a bonus (if those ratty humans don't interfere and put it away for Jazz in case she wants it later), Penny is obsessed with food and has no sense of fear if there's a chance of getting any. She'll try and barge Jazz out of the way so she's in front if treats are on offer. Not that Penny's efforts have any effect on Jazz who just tends to look rather bemused or even embarrassed at such appalling behaviour!

Yay! Remembered who I am this time!
Sancia had Evening Primrose Oil daily as she got older and I do remember definately feeling that it helped her or I wouldn't have carried on, it seems a long time ago now *sigh* so I can't remember more than that. Glad to hear that the collar is helping. Apologies if I've already raved about this but raw feeding seems to be doing wonders with these three so you might look into that for things that might help Lindsay - perhaps Salmon and Advocado?