I,m somewhat speechless/barkless and very relieved I don't have children. Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Nasty, but one of those things. If they're eating each others, feed them pineapple/courgette in their diet as it releases an enzyme when digested that makes poo taste nasty to them.
Its only Kato that does it and usually not her own. Prefers Lindsays, but will settle for Abe or Javas when theres a shortage. I,m sure the older dogs won't mind some courgette or pineapple. Just a bit worried that she is missing something in her diet.
Me again
Topaz did have a phase of this. Clearing up straight away thus removing the opportunity seemed to break the habit.
Re: Me again
We are pretty vigilant about doing the poo runs but the Sweetness follows the other dogs to the Little Girls Room and waits. Ewwww. And theres always the ones hidden in the wild bits (aka most of) the garden.

She is doing it less these days,preferring the duckweed out of the wierdy water feature. Think it had become a bit of a habit though.
Jazz doesn't do dog poo, but will go for badger, fox, horse, human, sheep and probably others too. I can't say I've noticed any difference after she's been eating courgettes, but then most of the time she doesn't have access to any of the above anyway, so access and courgette eating may not have coincided.

How do I know about the human poo? Well one day when she was about six months old I got caught short while out on a walk. I did my stuff, with Jazz sniffing around fascinated and when I turned round it was GONE. I was horrified, thought I'd poisoned my gorgeous baby. She was chuffed to bits and showed no ill effects at all.
Well, it makes a change to hear about a dog clearing up after its humans. :)
I do wonder if she is missing some protein in her diet. We got her nicely stable (poo's) on Chappie and some Butchers Puppy Complete. She isn't a greedy dog, pretty foody but not a glutton (not like That Abe and That Java). Have started giving her sardines with her evening meal - contemplated adding in some real (not processed sanitised dog tucker) meat type thing. But me and hippy felt bilious at the prospect of real liver or mince in da house.
Despite been vegetarian and squeamish, I'm a total convert to the raw food diet. Seeing how much they enjoy it and how much good it's doing them has made it much easier to cope with.