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Lindsay is getting elderly. Attempts to get upstairs, up steps or onto sofa/bed often end with the old dudess, paws outstretched, half splattered up her intended destination. Or she doesn't notice that a door is shut (klunk!) or completly misses the doorway/destination. Luckily, she doesn't seem distressed by this, not even mildly irritated. This morning she was coming into land, from the garden, up the two back steps. But had to abort the landing due to pilot error, (brakes applied too early) then taxi round the garden before making another attempt.

It was the first sunny day of the year, we think our humans have SADS as today they were full of beans out in the garden chopping, digging and weeding. The old english roses have had to go as Java&Kato are ripping them selves to shreds. Abe is too wise, Lindsay well armoured. Abe and Kato had an athletic game of Slippy Dog. With Abes scoring Slippys and evading Kato's attempts to Slippy by just being so fast, agile and always one paw ahead in anticipating Kato's next move. This left all dogs very tired, but Kato had school and kept dropping off during Down Stays.
One of the exercises was to weave in and out of all the other dogs as if they were cones, she did really well. She wanted to stop and greet the other dogs but there was no fear or aggression. Such was Kato's impact on her fellow classmates that one of them showed her his willy and wanted snogs with tongues. Just like human school really.......

So next weekend, our humans are contemplating leaving the house, either for a strange Twisted in an odd venue with techno and bands. For five pounds only, nearer to home, customer loyalty, support your local party and all that. Or to Custard Factory 15 pounds with psytrance, Banco de Gaia and Eat Static, Barclay is playing and Will from Stereo Chemistry. We doglets couldn't give a Mew either way as long as they leave the central heating on.
Im off to Crufts next Saturday, doing my duty on the various rescue stands...looking forward muchly to the rescue Dallies...oh and shopping of course....
And free samples for your doglets. If your there on Sunday the owner of the beautiful rotty in the message below will be there.
Our garden is on the way out as well. Blade has decided that digging up the ground is much more entertaining than playing with the ball, working on recalls or anything like that.

Oh well, concrete is very fashionable I'm told.
"Oh well, concrete is very fashionable I'm told"

And much easier for doing the poo-run. Doing the (sloppy) poo run on gravel on the other hand is messy. Though most of the gravel is now in the kitchen due to canine wheelspins.
Jazz still likes to dig big holes. Every time I hack back another bit of scrub there's another hole. The worst was her first when she dug one underneath a (big) perennial fushia bush next to a six foot wall. the hole went down about two and a half foot - below the level of the wall foundation. Scary - could have been nasty. Fortunately she wasn't trying to get out, just build a really good den, so she hadn't dug under the foundation. None of the others have been dangerous and now if she comes in with mud on her paws I know to go out and check what she's been up to.

Incidentally the vet says Penny has arthritis and is suggesting glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate as a supplement to slow the progress. I'd like to do a bit of research before puting her on them and wondered what sites you might have found ok.

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Haven't got any websites to hand but the research I found was anecdotal rather than scientific. Cutietrol is off to crufts next weekend so its one of the things on our list of if you see any leaflets, samples grab'em fer us.
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I got Sancia a Bioflow collar and I couldn't believe how much difference it made to her.
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What's a Bioflow collar? Is it like a copper bracelet, lots of humans find them helpful don't they?
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Its a collar with magnets in it. I don't understand how it works but I had read a lot of good reports so tried it. The next morning she was like a new dog! You should find that there's either a 60 or 90 day money back guarantee on them. I can't remember where mine came from but I found this link:
Abe: Hey Wise One, I hear your getting a magnetic collar
Lindsay: Indeed, for my balance and harmony.
Abe: So, magnets, stick to metal things, right
Lindsay: Thats right Little One
Abe: So, getting past the Aga could be like.....hindered.