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The SubZeroNess

Abe and Java aren't over fond of anything wet or wintery.  In A&Js younger years they would have consumed gallons of snow, to clear the garden of the frozen invasion. In a panic that the humans had carpeted the garden aka their Little Girls Room. But these days A&J are more cynical, its like some sort of sneaky bath. Like a bath, but solid. The humans doing some sort of stealth bathing. The cold wet white stuff probably has soap hidden inside like landmines.  Lindsay doesn't really notice snow, not with that big fur coat, just wanders back indoors, does an allover-shake and then wonders why everyones wet. 

 But the Sweetness aka the SubZeroNess, eyes like saucers at the transformed territory. Eating it, rolling in it, trying to catch snowflakes, doing the canine equivelent of wheelspins, wheelys and handbrake turns, rescuing her beloved Boomer Ball. A canine bob-sleigh - she has spent the last few days more wet than dry


I keep forgetting to say its me.
So sweet, no snow down here :( Would have liked to see what Pharaoh (the pup) made of it. Going back to Wales to pick up another dog today!

Haha! Stealth bathing .. if only ...

Little fish growing fast.

Kato looks to be coming along well, love to the rest of the pack esp. the old Dudess. Pharaoh puts her sofa bouncing ways to shame :o

Fly, Graham, Topaz and Pharaoh (the Phabulous)
Re: I keep forgetting to say its me.
old Dudess is now 14. A bit creaky in her limbs, deaf as a biscuit and she sleeps quite a lot. Happy though. Moving house was especially good for her, big garden to potter around but she can always come back inside and have a lie down. Surprisingly tolerant (dare we say fond) of the Critter.

http://floot.demon.co.uk/lynn/lindsay%20snow.jpg was taken two days ago in the snow.

Our last remaining fish, Eddy Stobart,said hello yesterday. Had to distract the dogs while hippy gave him some cold weather food.

Your going to be a three dog family then? You should get an LJ so we can see photos.