kato age two

Abe - Scared of Vet Shocker

Abes visit to sign up with the new vets went eeryily quietly. It was spooky. The usually destructive, mischevious patient was quiet and still. Poor little Abe was petrified, absolutely rigid when he examined her. Odd. But it was the first visit to a strange surgery......next time......

Abe is now a trim, svelte, 16kg! Thats a 6kg weight loss in the last 18months. We have cut down on Abes tucker but its mainly the extra exercise from this huge garden and playful puppy. Vet said she was in lovely condition, perfect figure, glossy coat, heart murmur appears nothing to worry about and he felt that even after her reaction to her last vaccination, that we should go ahead with the booster when it is due in May. Parvo is a horrific death and Abe being on a mongy comedown for 24 hours is a small price to pay. Told him about her bee/wasp sting allergy.

Katos scrape was mite-less under the microscope but vet still thinks its mange. But all four have now been treated. Second treatment in 28 days time. In a way I hope it is mange, and not some obscure skin disorder in the Sweetness that we have to spend ages trying to locate the cause/treatment. The older three remain symptomless.
Is there anything inside the ear?....Barnum has hardly any coat at the best of times so any little thing often leads to a bald patch, our home is awash with lotions and potions....
Tis true, Abe looks in terrific nick. As for the v-e-t, I reckon she's lulling you into a false sense of security ;o)