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Kato went to Vets today, upsettingly she most likely has Mange. A small patch on her ear. So all four dogs have to treated with Stronghold, though the older dogs are symptomless. Kato had an injection and is on steroids for a few days. Kato even had to wear a SnooterBox as she was terrified having her ear scraped and broke friends with the Vet. She was OK later and happily greeting people&animals in the waiting room. Katos ear looks really sore now as the fur and debris have been scraped away.

Not sure whether Kato arrived with this, or has subsequently picked it up here. There are probably foxes around here. Apparently puppies can be susceptible and have an intense outbreak in one small area that then spreads. Lucky our humans have us up the vet if we so much as fart in the wrong key. Anyway, she was a bit dopey on her return, wet the bed in her sleep but is now wide awake, outside playing Slippy Dog with Java.

Abe wasn't due at the vets till May for her vaccinnations (though in view of her increasing sensitivitys to substances, we were going to discuss this first). Abe, having not met the new vets, we have to take her in before they will prescribe any Stronghold for her. So Thursday it is then, just two days to psyche ourselves up for the Abe/Vet experience, because it always goes something like this


Is this Thursday evening? Is it best for us not to come over? If so, can leave it till we get back from Florence if that's easier?
I think Willow and Pooka would prefer you didn't visit until all of the Collective have been nuked with Anti-Mage stuff.
I have to leave Barnum in the car until its his turn to go in.....he goes through the waiting room like an avalanche....
Tee hee! I have often had to stand outside the V-E-T with Abe and wait to be called, or they would see it was us and we jumped the queue. But this evening she was very subdued, probably cos it was a brand new place.
Barnum has a lust for life, that is quite amazing....he throws himself into everything with enthusiasim and delight.....just make sure you are ready to jump out of the way....dear little Meena was a shaking bald wreck of a dog when she came....she is now a little Diva....