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So, today our human is 287 of our dog years old. And to celebrate - decided to submerge The Sweetness in Soapy water. On the one paw, at least it wasn't any of the older Collective who were selected for Water Torture. But on the other paw, being water logged has made The Sweetness double in size. The Soakedness is running round doing all over shakes and soaking all in her path. Mings a bit funny too, but nowt that a quick dunk in the fishpond and a roll in some poo won't sort out

Just noticed, in the second (todays more matured Kato) picture of the Soppingness - the water is ab-so-lute-ly barking filthy. Four months ago humans could wring her out by hand.....today it took four towels and much lying in front of the aga to dry out the Saturatedness.

Bit of a worry - is that Kato has some sort of scabbiness on her right ear - a small patch of scaliness just at the tip about 1cm. Humans will no doubt be flying in specialists and therapists from accross the globe to treat the Little Princess. Humans are now obsessed with this centimetre of the Sweetness - and probably making it a lot worse by meddling.