Slippy Dog - The Movie

Heres Little Abe and Critter Kato playing Slippy Dog this afternoon. Considering the size (and age!) difference, Abe does very well, which just goes to show "Its Not Just a Bloody Game." It needs skill, canniness, reaction. The Dog Child Kato is beginning to find Abe more fun than Java. Although Abe won't have any truck with wrestling games or even the most friendly of nipping, Abe is fast,canny, brave and doesn't mind getting wet or brambled and really enjoys a game of speedy tactical avoidance. In this clip Abe actually gets to be the Hounds rather than being the Fox.

Yeah, they love it. We're going to get rid of the gravel though - as when the dogs tear round they spray it everywhere.
Great vid but I'm confused ...
I thought that Slippy Dog and Fox and Hounds were two different games but your commentary makes it sound as if maybe they are one and the same? I've been meaning to ask how to play Slippy Dog as we have our own little one to entertain now. We need more footage if only take advantage of the Broadband connection. Will send links to Topaz and Pharaoh photo's soon.
Re: Great vid but I'm confused ...
Fox&Hounds involves more chasing than regular Slippy Dog. Abe and Kato play a variation of the two games combined as Abe won't allow Kato to score any Slippys.

Slippy Dog

Basic Rules:

Run at/beside your opponent(s).
Just before almost colliding bark “Slippy” and hurtle off again.
Repeat manoeuvre using stealth, skill, speed, tactics and poise and playbows.
Score a Slippy Dog by pushing your opponent with both top end paws and barking Slippy Dog.
Extra point for Toppling Opponents.


Slippy Dog Neighbour Baiting
As above but Slippy Dogs can only be scored on the neighbour, his friends/washing on the line. Double points for a series of Slippy Dogs across a chain of the above. Getting back over the fence into a Butter Wouldn’t Melt stance before humans appear scores double.

Slippy Slam
Advanced version of the game usually played by dribbling, short sighted old doods who charge into an existing game of Slippy Dog, flattening all in her path and then claiming Hatrick Slippy Dogs then falling asleep in the middle of the pitch.

Slippy DogMageddon
Violent, wrestling version of Slippy - instead of collisions - have pretend scraps.Extra points for demolishing furniture/plants