kato age two

They're Only Human?

Dinner, or D-word as our humans call it, has been FanBarkinDogWoofinTastic the last two evenings. The bargain 12 packs from Asda are going down a culinery storm with All the fussy Collective. Our humans were amazed at our gleaming bowls at the end of D-Word. Usually the scavenger Java has to wash up after everyone. Even the senile old dudess Lindsay cleared every morsel and muttered "compliments to the chef" on completion of her evening meal.

On close inspection, humans discovered, our bargain 12 packs are Asda Tiger Cat Food!

Laugh? We nearly mewed!
And more messily ('cos the CFC won't be licking their balls, so no mess...)in our experience makes it very difficult to clear up after the darlings. Unless you get a pot underneath before they start.