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Kato: Top Dog! Close Friends Get to Call Her Ka-To..........
Humans: FugginShurrub yer FugginRottyCrossBassEvilPuppy
Kato: She's the pip, she's the championship, she's the most Top Dog - Ka-to
Humans: Right, that does it, come here Dog Child!

Kato: But above everything, she's the most tip top Ka.......

And then there was silence.

Kato has been given her first stuffed Kong - how grown-up is she!

Given what these things look like, some clarification of exactly _how_ she was given the kong would be helpful ;o)
The Dog Child seems to be trying out her assorted barks - theres puppy meeps, singing (like Abe), playful grumbles and a Big Dog Bark where she makes herself jump.