kato look up

Today Kato has Been Mostly Singing......

Top Dog!
The most effectual Top Dog!
Who’s intellectual close friends get to call her Ka-to.
Providing it’s with dignity.

Top Dog!
The indisputable leader of the gang.
She’s the boss, she’s a pip, she’s the championship.
She’s the most tip top, Top Dog.

Yes she’s a chief, she’s a king,
But above everything,
She’s the most tip top,
Top Dog. Top Dog!

Unfortunately it loses a lot in translation and to our humans sounds like "Bark, Bark, Ad Infinitum Barky, Bark, Yawny Squeaky Elongated Noise Thang, Barky"
Kato also does loud squeaky yawny sounds which can indicate boredom, a need for the Karzi (the penny is finally being spent appropriately from the previously known as Miss Pissy Pants) or just a wish to communicate/attract attention. It does sound like she's singing..
I love the "satisfied sighs" a soft rumble and all the air comes out of the dog.
Am in PM with Fionna@ Lizzies and she will be keeping an eye out for me. I did notice http://www.dogpages.org.uk/forums/index.php?showtopic=57694 a puppy there. Docked with bolt-croppers no less. (rudeword). Again with the "experienced owners", about which I started a thread in the general discussion bit.

Consensus seems to be, wait for the right one to come along. We shall see.
yeah, noticed your discussion.

Those puppies look beautiful. I was in the vets once with Hatty and an obviously "home docked" puppy was brought in - its rump was a mess of blood and green infection. Bastards. They left without the pup - and I heard the nurse on the telephone to a rescue.

Maybe you should pm the rescue that has those pups for a chat.
You do have considerable experience compared to many. I don't really see why they are looking for "experienced" owners for such young pups, as long as the new owner is committed to the training and the exercise. Everyone starts somewhere.

I think that the rescues have such bad experiences of dogs being returned that they tend to play very safe. Theres the odd thread on DP where new owners blame the rescues, and for behaviour that is just regular dog stuff.

Do contact the specific breed rescues. They may have just the dog for you in time.

Patience brought us Kato - there were many I nearly applied for. Though I broke all my rules - previously I didn't want a GSD, definitely not a Rotty. We were absolute that Dog Four would be some sort of Collie Cross or even a Pure Collie.....

The right dog will come...they always do...we are looking for number three....we have learned to keep a totally open mind...afterall Barnum was meant to be a Dalmation and Meena was meant to be an English Pointer...we now have a GSP and a GSP X Lab....the next one could be anything at all....
Heh! It was suggested that the Puppy Abe may be some sort of rotty or dobermann cross. LOL, but she is some sort of Jack Russell Terrorist