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Norbert Dentrasangle - RIP

We were sad and shocked to find Norbert floating on the top of the pond this afternoon. We haven't seen the fish since early December apart from a fleeting glimpse a few days ago. There wasn't a mark on him, no fungus, no discoloration - we have been checking the pond for ice and clearing out any floating debris. Norbert was such a strong healthy looking fish even after the way we discovered him couped up and neglected in the bizarre brick water feature. Hopefully he found the last months of his life were full of freedom, fun and company.

Worried about Eddy Stobart now, our one remaining fish. If Eddy has gone then perhaps we will rethink having a pond - we only rennovated the pond becuase we found the orphan Norbert. Fishkeeping is an emotional, complex affair.
Re: Norbert Dentrasangle - RIP
Yes indeed! Also with some exceptionally beautiful and well behaved young fish (and matching dog) that will be looking for new homes in a few months (but not the dog). Sadly driving a Laguna these days but it will be adequate for fish transportation.