java kato bed

Back at Skool

Kato arrived back at training school after the winter break, hopeful of being able to join in rather than just socialise. But it will be the 13th Feb now when she starts her training class properly. There were other young puppies in attendance for socialising, but Kato was more interested in the bigger dogs. She had a bit of a bark at a couple of dogs, but they started it, no, really, they did. No signs of any nervousness with people, familiar or unfamiliar, making instant friends with the elderly lady sat next to us and smiling wagfully at any other humans that passed us by. Kato watched the class with more interest than usual. Doing a "down" when the class did a "down". We think she longs to be up there with the big dogs doing the exercises.

Katos visits to the busy train station are helping her with busy, rushing crowds. And relationship with Java is back to sisterly playfights and Slippy Dog. Though the Cursed Bed of Doom is only brought out at night for Java.