kato age two

One Flew Over the Canines Nest

Inspired by the scarybex  discussing Amys relationship with her MirrorDog - humans decided to analyse the differing personalitys of the Collective and their reaction to their own MirrorDog. Wonder what Jung and Freud would make of it all.

Java: Ah, you too eh? Another down on her luck dawg eh?

Abe: Barkin Eck! Who let that piddly terrier in here? Can't you see we are all Immense Big Dogs! Be off with you, weeny liitle hound!

(Though any sudden movements on the part of Abes MirrorDog and she legs it.)

Kato: You lookin at me? Barkin come on! You Want Some?  I'll have yer! Big Teeth? I'll show yer big teeth Farty Poo!

Lindsay: What Mirror? (Klunk)

Interestingly, they only see to react to their own Mirrordog and are oblivious to the Mirrordogs of their Collective Colleagues.

Of course! They will certainly cuddle - not immediately, but in time and initially when you catch their eye they will look embaressed. Turning the heating off wil do wonders for pack bonding. Java and Lindsay who usually don't do the soppy stuff are snuggled up back-to-back. A rare moment of peace as the Critter and That Abe are elsewhere in the house with frozen chappie stuffed bones.
Lilo (hippys cat) who now lives with my parents is also a Hunter of Shadows. The puppy, Kato, hunts anything, fag ends, shadows, specs of dust, wheely bins......