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The Cursed Bed of Doom

Kato is back to being a Sweetness after yesterday, being an utter Sourness. False alarm, still a puppy and not a backchatting teenager afterall.

But this new designer dog bed has caused further conflict. Kato briefly put her nose in to rummage in the glorious new bed, and Java, the territorial old bitch attacked Kato. Its been so long since theres been a scrap that the humans had forgotten the drill of shouting out which dogs name they were going to grab making the splitting up a clumsy affair. It was over as quickly as it started with Java chided and sent to the naughty corner, and Kato was just shaken up and put safely into the kitchen. Dog psychology says the humans can't be seen to be siding with the lower dog. It was probably a trivial affair in the World of Dog but our humans over reacted. If this had happened outside, a squabble over a pebble or a twig, it would be over within seconds. Just Dog Politics

The Cursed Bed of Doom is now in the spench and will only be brought out at night for the selfish Java.

Its all peaceful again though Kato is giving Java a wide berth apart from a side-by-side run in the garden.