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Kato - Stroppy Child or Young Teenager?

The Sweetness is now 8 months old which is the usual time for the adolescent mood swings to kick in. Though being a bigger breed it can be delayed. But todays little performances makes us think Kato may be in the slammy door, loud music, sulky, spotty, angst phase of her life.

The humans bought a posh cosipet bed today from the decigner pets dept in Beatties. There are more dog beds than dogs in this house, but this is meant mainly for the old Dudess Lindsay in the daytime and at night for Java who sleeps downstairs. Its a grand affair of plush fabric, soft walled draught proofing and sumptuous quilting. On unwrapping it, Kato instantly sat in it and snarled & nipped at any other canine feminist who ventured near.

"Smine!" hissed Kato "Not Sharin'"

Earlier today she was chucked outside to "think about it" after starting on the bewildered Abe. She is being playful but was testing her boundaries at the expense of the Little Abes neck. Kato sulked, but had "thought about it" and was then delightful to the Innocent Abe. However, this evening her games of Slippy Dog with the ever patient Java verged on nasty, and indoors too. The command "PACK IT IN!! RIGHT NOW!" fell on deaf ears, a grab of her collar and she grumbled, then sulked. She is full of energy and needed a gone midnight game with a human of Slippy Dog to work off all those hormonal surges. The repeated instruction "NO!" and polite shoves to her chewing on a floorboard was also ignored. She wasn't really enjoying the floorboard, but was just trying out who would win the battle. Any filled bones going and the one the other dog has always looks more tasty, she winges and whines and grumbles. Heh! Our humans are shattered, their nerves frayed and sanity jeopardised.

But now she is tired and cute and adorable. Just wants to be warm, affectionate and sleepy with her canine & human companions. A sweetness.
We found (and on occasion find) grasping the muzzle in one hand an effective way of getting the attention of an errant bitch and demonstrating dominance (counts as having a bigger mouth). It also rests the old vocal chords which can get a bit sore with all the "NO"'s. And it is gentle, although Jazz really does not like it and shapes up fast. Of course like all these things what works with one dog may have no effect on another.

love from this pack to all of you
Kato can be quite unfocussed on us humans, looking round us to see what the other dogs are up to. But todays incident (see entry re The Cursed Bed of Doom) probably had a silver lining in sending her a powerful message of who is in charge round here.

I think we are not quite into the teens - today she has been sweet, adorable, cute and very puppyish.