kato age two

You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry

You better not pout, I'm telling you why. Cos Santa Paws is coming to town.

Abe: What you doing Catto? GASP! Those are the humans paw warmers your eating - they are going to be so mad at you Critter.

Humans: Awwwwww, Look the Little Sweetness has chewed the toes of our socks! Is that so Santa Paws can put more presents in?

Abe: Sheesh! At least boglin and lupercal brought us all some presents today, not just the Spoilt Little Dude. Seeing as all our Consumermass Money got sent to keep your Mother in Meths and Sherry in some Down&Out shelter.

Kato: Abe!! Play Hunting Game?

Abe: No, Cos I always have to be the Damn fox

Humans: Abe - look, Kato is doing a Play Bow. Play with Baby Kato, don't be so unfestive

Abe: Baby Kato? Thats no Baby - thats a spoilt four legged furry Shark! Have you seen the barkin teeth on it?

Kato: Please Abeey. Just one Hunting Game.

Abe: OK - just one - but none of that limb from limb stuff, no matter how accidental, its not big or clever.

In other news - our human has started on medication for blood pressure and is staggering around like Abe post vaccinations. The kitchen fitters have finished today - just need to paint it now which will keep hippy occupied Xmas Day as other human is working.