kato age two

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Kato: Bark, bark, Bark, Barky ad infinitum
Humans: BlinkinShurrub
Lindsay: Whats all this barking? We'll have no trouble here.
Kato: bark, Bark, Bark, endless barky
Java: WTFs up with the Little Dude?
Lindsay: Instincts, Java, Instincts. She is drawn by a mystical canine force to guard the perimeter of the Kingdom. That Kingdom may be real or a perception. An illusion of....
Java: Feck the Zen nonsense Lindsay. Can't we do anything about the woofin racket?
Kato: JaJa! Play Slippy!.......oh no..........Bark, bark, bark, bark
Lindsay: See, she is drawn like the wind and water to....
Java: Come on Wise One, the humans are getting well brassed off, threatening to withold D-Word, can't we stop her?
Lindsay: Not really, unless.....
Java: Unless what?
Lindsay: We divert her from one Instinct with another equally powerful, instinctive force. Kato's canine psyche would see a small,scurrying beasty as prey, and be driven to chase, and hunt it down.
Java: That would be just too cruel
Lindsay: I'll just go whisper to Abe theres a Mega-Choco-Bonio buried at the top of the garden then.