kato age two

We Want Presents Damnit

If you are considering buying us doglets a present - please do.
Abe & Java & Lindsay are happy to receive novel, edible, comedy dog nonsense.

The GSD half of the Critter has asked Santa Paws for Cute Fluffy Toys that go Squeak, the Rotty half of the Critter would like a Flame Gun and a Tank.
Heh - of *course* dogs get presents. Is it possible to come over for a pre-Christmas visit some time?
That would be great. When are you free? Got every weekend off now till Xmas and some odd weekdays When do you break up?

We will be brick dust central as the kitchen project starts tomorrow. If you could take the Critter for a once round the block - with some "Sits" at kerbs and lots of interactive fuss/handling that would be great. People are less inclined to fuss the Sweetness as she increases in size.