kato age two

Uppy or Downy

Kato has Teddy Bear Ears. Occaisionally her ears go right up like a proper GSD. Usually they are a floppy halfway like this picture. The Sweetness is now 7 months old, still very much a baby, no sign yet of the dreaded teenage months. But a kilo/inch more or so more and she will be the biggest dog in the Collective.  We think this picture highlights the rotty in her genetics.

She is indeed lovely. In other news, Operation Fence is go. So I now need to panic a lot about getting everything. Any good pet supply stores you can recommend (preferably ones that don't sell pets)?

Crates, kongs, leads... the list goes on. Will probably be done the first week in Januray.
We do use Pets at Home because its near. I prefer to try a lead round my wrist before purchase.

www.petplanet.co.uk have a better selection of kongs and training leads. They also do crates.

Asda for cheap quilts/quilt cover so it doesn't matter when, I mean if, they get destroyed.

And teething things, lots and lots of teething things, lots of variety to keep pooch interested.

Frisbee/Throwy Rope/2 Bowls/Collar/Lead/ID disc/Insurance/Mild Dog Shampoo/Grooming Brush

Start saving newspapers now.
Poo Bags (from pound shop - pedal bin liners)

hippy says I must point out thatour poo bags are actually from Asda not pound shop. The pound shop ones our fingers went through them........ewwwwwwwwwwwwww
That's a seriously cute picture!

She's so puppylike you really can't tell her size at all.
Bigger breeds mature slowly so Abe at 6 months was more grown up(!) than Kato. We bought the Collective two Boomer Balls which are football sized and one slightly bigger which claim to be indestructible, sort of hard plastic. The others aren't particularly interested but Kato is fascinated and makes the cutest noises as she attempts to pick them up and they just roll away.
Tried to head one. Spent 5 days in the fish hospital.

They're HARD!

Billy the Fish.
[Well, Norbert the Fish really.]