kato age two

What sort of dog are you?


Our human is a cocker spaniel! Not accurate then.

Click on the weinmarner to do the quiz thingy.

Kato comes up as a Gordon Setter which do look a bit Rotty, but gay Rotty. The Dale Winton of Rottys. Had to convert human traits to canine results though which probably skews the results.
I was a "Canaan Dog", which I'd never heard of before. Apparently I'm a semi-trained pariah - Thanks !

I just love that user interface though 8-)

My parents have always had Setters for something like 50 years, including a couple of Gordons in the past. Lovely dogs, but they're as thick as a bucket. They make the Red Setters look smart. I don't know who Dale Winton is (I like it like that), they always struck me as a bit Sam Gamgee. Chunky great things of huge loyalty, but they spend the whole day being baffled by life.

Now they have an Irish Red & White. Spotlessly clean white coat (by the regular use of cowpat shampoo) and absolutely Father Dougal with a tail on.
A bergamasco sheepdog, never heard of it, but it has long natural ringlets, oh how I wish.