kato linds

Educating Kato

Lindsay: OK Kato, lets run through what you have learnt over the few weeks. Taoism?
Kato: The true Taoist doglet moulds her senses, body and mind until they are at one with the currents of the world without.
Lindsay: Excellent! And Zen?
Kato: Zen is the name of mind. What is mind? Mind is the substance of Zen.
Lindsay: I,m impressed youngster. And your human interactions?
Kato: Sit, Down, Watch Me, Follow Me, Come On, Off, Leave, Fugginshurrub, Fetch, Stay, Mungry, Outside,
Lindsay: At your tender 6 months, thats very impressive. And your housetraining?
Kato: Well, y'know......
Lindsay: Its very important for a Taoist Dog to be housetrained. For Balance and Harmony.
Kato: I know, but I just don't get it.
Lindsay: Its easy - just pee and poop Outside.
Kato: Yeah,.....well,no, I just don't understand it.
Lindsay: Its important Kato. Lets run through it again. Indoors - crossy legs. Outdoors...
Kato: Yeah, I know, uncrossy legs. But its really complicated. Can't we do the Einstein relativity thing again?