The Dog House

Humans off out this evening to Inukshuk. Its at the Sanctuary and free, save a food donation for the Homeless. Thank Bark for that, they become irritatingly suburban when they stay in all the time. We will spend the evening guarding the house - however, due to previous over zealous guarding when we are on the all-nighter shift, we now get confined to the ground floor.
Neighbours complained - bit of a Barkin cheek considering they are allies of that MotherBarker NaziFred. We ended up in the "Dog House" (this expression confuses us slightly) Jealousy we reckon, it was Top Class guarding, people several houses away knew not to even think about robbing our pack. Wet Noses to the grindstone for a long seven hour shift and for what? To be tutted at scolded and threatened with a Biscuitless Exile, while NaziFred peered through his window, snickering. One day JavatheBastard, MasherAbe and LindsaytheHat will scale that 7foot concrete fence and he'll be laughing on the other side of his snout.
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