kato age two

Never Again.....

We're not quite holding the youngster Kato's head over the toilet bowl, but she is certainly feeling the worse for wear, having consumed a weeks rations of Mixer in one sitting. Kato does indeed "Wuv Us" and we are her "Best Friends Evvah". Kato is definitely not right, bathroom door accidentally left open and the toilet rolls remain intact!!!!!!!! The Youngster is staggering about, her instincts telling her to bark and hunt, her overindulgence making her Fallen.

Offered the hungover Sweetness a light evening meal of just meaty stuff (No Mixer) she couldn't face it, started to heave. That Abe had to help out in finishing Katos dinner off.

Java, Kato's partner in crime, in the "Great Mixer Heist of 04" is just sleepy, burpy and smug. "Kid, You Gotta learn to hold yer Mixer"