The Abekins Diet

Abe's diet is going well, she has a waist again and is referred to less as "that fat puddin'" "Abe of Portly" and "the Rotund ber-Abe". Its not even Atkins diet which sounds well tasty - the Abekins diet is just less mixer, more exercise and no ChocoBones Deluxe.

Humans might go to all dayer at Radius on Sunday - sort of warm-up for an enveing out on following Friday 29th at Sanctuary. Might take their minds off "perfect house" in Wolverhampton which may be back on market. hatty spent the afternoon pestering the estate agent and even upped the offer. hippy went a bit pale at this, probably didn't quite hear when hatty casually mumbled that the subsidence and missing wall in said house is why sales keep falling through............
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