kato age two

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Theres a manky, old, rock hard chew bone that none of the Collective will touch. Not even Abe will go near the rancid, fluff ridden, dusty thing. Its been hanging around for weeks as none of the dogs can be bothered to get it going to the pleasing sodden mulch that delights them. But this evening its Kato's pacifier - the only thing that will keep her amused. Java's all played out of Slippy Dog, Abe has gone to sulk following a major brake failure in some sharp undergrowth (whilst being pursued by Kato). Lindsay just wants to watch Property Ladder and no amount of games instigated by human are of any interest to the Dog Child.

The trouble with rawhide,it shrinks and can choke. Kato appears to have row upon row of dazzling, pearly white razor blades for teeth. Its a brave human whose putting their hand in there.
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