kato age two


In the last couple of weeks, Kato has been demonstrating some nervousness when she meets people who are not regular humans. On her walk this evening, she was jumpy and shy when encountering unregular people. A visit to hattys work on Sunday also found Kato timid and uncomfortable. So, more socialisation is needed. This does mean our humans may need to Leave the House and even, Interact with People.

At class she is fine, even in that highly charged atmosphere, but those people are focussed on their own dogs and not on her. Work is needed on the little princess, lest she turn into a neurosis bucket ala Abe.

Kato probably spends far too much time with other dogs. Kato doesn't suffer with seperation anxiety, her mild destructiveness is curiosity rather than lonliness or boredom. We really are getting off lightly considering the damage her teeth could do. Her bite play is exemplery because she has Java to practice on. Bless the tolerant Java who is having her throat chewed as we type. Her understanding of which dogs will play and how far she can go (with dogs) the rest of the Collective have been so there for her. But her human interaction is a bit worrying.
she has Java to practise on?!? Poor ol' Java - a chew toy for Kato!! :)