kato age two

She Was Meant To Be

This strange mystical painting is over our toilet. (Not done by us we must  add)  Was it just a coincidence or some more etheral force that led us to Kato?


Oooh you've got an egyptian god haunting your bogs!! (well it looks vaguely like one of them!!) :)
Woofoth or Barkus.

Previous dog Hatty did a wonderful, regal, sphinx impression.
Har! Yes some dogs have just the right profile for egyptian god impressions - and here's a sad thing, I can't remember their names - is it Dobermans (or Dobermen?!?) :P
Could your humans post one showing the khasi and the Wolves sign in the same shot. The Wolves fans at work would love it!
hippys had an attempt (deaf to my cries of - we need to clean the bog first) and had to stand in the bath to get hieroglyph and bog into the picture. Its a really big painting so difficult to get it in. Will make a further attempt soon.
I guess that wall's not for the knocking down, either ;o)

I sent it round anyway, it got a larf. Not surprising in the middle of WBA country. :o)