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boglin  and lupercal  came over to take Kato out for confidence building . The Sweetness didn't mind at all, sat perfectly at kerb sides and was reported to have been an "angel". All of the Collective were pleased to see, smell, hear and indeed taste the happy couple. The Collective suspect this could be "The Real Thing" and are very pleased.

With the Sweetness out of the way, Java got to practice some "Down Stays" and "Watch Me" commands in the garden. But was full of excuses, the grass is wet, the graval is sharp, the concrete is cold, the treat is so not worth the torture. Java is contacting her union to complain that Down Stays should only be conducted on warmed carpet.

The Sweetness reminded everyone this evening, that she is still a pup, ovarys or not. Downstairs/in garden, playing  Slippy Dog Theft Auto with Java, and suddenly there was the most prolonged, pained, heart snapping wimpers. The humans ran to her aid, ashen faced.  The Sweetness was found limping around the kitchen in floods of puppy tears. All eyes turned to That Psycho Java but Java wasn't hostile or cross.  The Ice Queen Java's heart melted to offer comfort and concern. Kato had done something to her Back Right. Probably took a corner too fast, or misjudged a leap, didn't see a furniture obstacle until it was too late.  Hugs, sniffs, raspberrys on head, tummy rubs, a bacon flavour "Beggin Strip" and Kato soon recovered.


Poor little bugger - she's going to get better soon though and will forget all about it!!!