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Humans bought an Animal today. Heh! Not Dog Five but an Animal Dyson. Mental note to selves - must moult more adhesive fur. Humans plugged it in, smirking at us, nothing happened, zilch fur collection, we smirked back. Ha, back to the shop it must go.

dr_funkkenstein collected Kato for her first ever walk, on her own, without a member of the Collective, human or canine. And the little sugarpuff was confident, well behaved, enjoyed her walk and wasn't at all fretful about being with Funky. Java and Lindsay, humans caught up with Funky and Kato in West Park. Java was tortured by grey squirrels, millions of them, fat little tree huggers, making faces and showing their asses to the mesmerised Java. Lindsay did well to keep up.

Abe got a walk to the Chinee Foo Place which she really enjoyed. No grey squirrels but plenty to sniff and explore. Marking the route with spinny wees.

Tomorrow, more visitors for Kato's confidence building. But for now there are carboard box infidels to annihilate.

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Absolutely! Now we have one that works - very impressed. Theres various attachments with it. One of which seems capable of removing all fur in a 10 foot radius. Perhaps thats the turbo thingy.

Is this going to be the end of people saying "You've got dogs haven't you" by one casual glance at our clothes?