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John Peel who ensured our human had reasonable taste in music. It really is like losing a friend. As a student nurse she listened to his radio program 10 till 12, Monday to Thursday, say 81 to 85. Still has tapes somewhere of programs taped on the lo-fi. From Bauhaus to Big Black. But still squirms at Ivor Cutler and Frank Chickens. The odd and the undeservedly obscure - Ex Post Facto, Pink Military, What?Noise, Dormannu, The FlowerPot Men, C-Cat Trance, Mussolini HeadKick along with the ones who made it. The first time our human heard Emily (Hot Chocolate cover) by the Sisters of Mercy. It was important and influential to her back then, just didn't realise how much. Till now.
For that matter, so is Ivor Cutler.

If you want a good Peelie tribute, listen to The Now Show (Punt & Dennis) on Radio 4 - Friday night / Saturday lunchtime. The latest one (which will be web streamable for the next week) has an excellent Peel tribute song.