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Yesterday Kato ate a candle! No ill effects. Its passed through.

Kato wasn't very happy arriving at the vets to have her stitches out. The stitches came out with ease but must have smarted. Its the first time we have ever really hurt her. As her two humans held her still, her eyes looked so bewildered, so betrayed. The vets has now become a Nasty Place. Java also hated the vets but has been OK since we moved. Kato was meek as we left the vets but cheered up as soon as she saw the rest of the Collective and she now weighs 19.8kg (before dinner) 

Tonights Slippy Dog game looked similar to the Mungry Dance but with two tiers of dogs. Java on top of Kato. Then t'other way round. Furniture, Lindsay and humans being used as obstacles. Then Kato humps Java - which Java completly ignores (as all good dog psychology books would reccomend) but has our humans shouting EWWWWW YOU DOITY SLAAG and looking mortified. Kato is now winning a fair few Slippys but Java doesn't seem to mind and does initiate the play.

Abe submitted a High Value Bone to Kato this evening "Oh Barkin' ave it then" and scuttled sulkily away. This actually bodes well for future reintgration of the pack, if Abe can accept her low status. But then theres (probably) a lot of Jack Russel Terrier in Abe - stubborn, sharp, feisty little fighters.

Lindsay remains Top Dog but Kato has knocked her over a few of times.  

Tomorrow balsall_heathan is taking Kato out for her first ever walk without a regular human or doglet. Funkys strong enough and unphased  by large quantity of puppy. Having walked Java back in the day when she was a real handful, Kato will be a breeze.

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Even straigh outta the dogs home (to the tune of "Straight Outta Compton"), Java was never as much of a handful as that Abe. :o)