kato age two

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At 6months and a couple of days Kato weighed 19/20kg (give or take a fidget on the scales). Which according to our many dog books is half her adult weight. So thats 38-40kg. The rest of the Collective average out at about 22kg. (Abe, since the Abekins diet is 20kg).

Its certainly true that bigger breed dogs stay babies longer. Kato is still very much a puppy. Housetraining is still very iffy - but humans are determined to take a positive reward/ignore the puddles/inappropriate solids approach. But rare puddles and no solids in bedroom overnight now, and rarely solids at all in the house. The only hard approach has been about biting humans - many puppys playbite - but even the cutest little gnaw of human flesh from kato gets a sharp "NO!"  and any sharper "affectionate" nips have received a "tap on the nose". Its not as easy as it sounds, it is just so cute when she gently chews on your hand. We let her lick but not chew.  Kato is a combination of two aggressive breed so lets start as she must go on. Kato is only play agressive, she does guard instinctively but there appears to be no urge to fight for real. 

New Kongs arrived today from Pet Planet. Abe and Java have been sampling the delights of a stuffed frozen kong for their alternate stints in solitary.  One of the Kongs was the biggest size available - and its the size of Java's head! balsall_heathan  used to refer to Kongs as Butt Plugs - so yes, we all winced when we unpacked this Mother of All Kongs. What to stuff it with? Probably a lone Bonio encased in a meaty gravy ice lolly with some smelly cheese to plug t'other end.

The Abe and Java re-introduction program was postponed. Humans realised that having the SheffDogs to stay, and Bonfire Night, and a row of stitches in the Kato Pup, was probably not conducive to the reintegration. Plan is now, to increase Kato's confidence and focus on humans, and then try again.


It's good to see that you're doing all the right things, despite the difficulties in doing so. It will all be worth it in the long run.

We had squirrel monkeys yesterday. I mention this for no real reason.