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Dog Psychology Books

Lindsay: Hey, Little Dude, it says here, that as Top Dog,elected without any bloodshed mind, elected due to my elderly years, experience, knowledge and confidence. I ought to be decking you occaisionally. So Catto, you do the upside down genitals exposed thing and I make a T shape and stand over you.
Abe: Woah there Wise One, aside from being not very Zen, this book says that we are not wolves, too heavily domesticated to grasp the concept of Top Dogness, we are team players in the Pack of Love.
Java: Hang on, my book reckons the humans are Top Dog, and they should choose which dog to promote, by offering high value treats and privileges. like being allowed on the sofa, being let out of the door first, choosing which soap opera we watch.....
Lindsay: Emmerdale?
Java: Is for kittens! Eastenders!
Abe: HollyOaks!
Java: Well, whatever, this is important so the Little Dude finds her place in the pack.

Kato: Kato read Book! Hagrid friend! Voldemort nasty poo.