kato age two

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Those who know Lindsay will have noticed that the old girl is getting arthritic, deafer, blinder, crazier with the passage of time. Calling her in, has our humans waving their arms, flicking lights on and off - an impressive semophore, soon light aircraft will be landing in our back garden. Or we have to run outside and tap her on the shoulder "Oh! Did you want me?"

In the morning, Lindsay has to be prodded and ruffled before she wakes.

Watching the Office on DVD last week, theres the episode where the fire alarm goes off. (You know! the one where Brent and Gareth valiently carry the person in a wheelchair down one flight then her being heavy they desert her) Anyway, the fire alarm goes off in the DVD and Lindsay struggles to her paws and makes her way to the front door.........
Awww, it's really sad when they get old - I was going to be very tasteless, but then thought that it would take away from the fact that I'm genuinely sympathetic to your pets getting older!

My last zebra finch got to over 8 years old and could no longer fly, but my god he could get up a good turn of speed running round that damn cage, and could still give anybody a nasty peck if he felt they were getting too cheeky!!