kato age two

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On Friday we had visitors - the SheffDogs came to stay. Jazz and Penny, a sleek GSD and a daft spaniel, Little and Large as we call them, out of Jazz earshot. Penny is a strange choice of Robin for the Bat(wo)man that is Jazz. Why our humans arrnaged this soiree on Bonfire Night when our tensions were already high is beyond us. Java disgraced herself within seconds by starting on Kato (!) and had to go in solitary. Abe kept a discreet distance.Lindsay being a certified loony stumbled around after Jazz "I remember when you were knee high to a cat" 

Jazz quickly marked up our territory as her own and then settled on the sofa in our place.

"Oy, Little Dude, go and mark over the Northern bitches pee" said Abe

"Me?" meeped Kato "Why Kato?"

"Cos your part Rotty and part GSD and that makes you hard!" replied Abe

But Kato had already gone over to

Yeah, it was OK. I think if Jazz and Penny could have stayed longer, Abe would have socialised more. Java obviously has a problem with dogs bigger than herself. P&B came in without their dogs at first and Java went for Kato (in lieu of Abe). Java must have been able to smell Jazz and it made her instantly defensive. Who knows what went on in the 18 months before we took her in.

Java knows she can't punch Jazz so she punches the lowest ranking dog. I do wonder what will happen when Kato becomes full size.

I do wonder what will happen when Kato becomes full size.

It won't be pretty for some time. I guess this will be the WWIII we expected when Java first landed. Fortunaetly, Kato will physically be top dog by miles.