kato age two


Humans assembled the Canine Feminist Collective in the garden yesterday and instructed us we were going to have Lots of Fun. Sigh.....fun is not a bright yellow, gaudy plastic disk. hatty threw it to hippy to demonstrate. Then threw it towards Java - Plunk, it hit Java in the nose. Java blinked once in mild surprise. Then the Disc-o-Dog was thrown towards us, our eyes followed it but none of us made any attempt to catch it, or even to move, we sat blinking and looking dim. Until Lindsay snapped......she lunged at the Disc-o-Dog with a look of unfettered madness blazing in her eyes. Lindsay snarled, gnashed and gnawed at the yellow frisbee. Each time humans tried to retrieve the Disc-o-Dog, Lindsay would loudly slam a large black paw on it, growling with Oscar winning, insane menace. Then continue gnarling and bashing the offending frisbee off the floor. Tee Hee, this went on for some time until a handsome Bonio ransom was paid for the hostage Frisbee.
Humans now sat flicking through their dog psychology books again, Disc-o-Dog is sat on top of the tallest bookcase.
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