kato age two

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Lindsay: I,m hungry
Abe: Me too. Lets go and stare at the mixer bin.
After many hours of staring and sniffing
Lindsay: No good, that lids never going to come off, not with those two tricky locks on it.
Abe: Perhaps if we stare for another hour or two.
Kato: Ma Ma! Biccy Bucket?
Lindsay: Yeah. You have to stare at it.
Kato: Flippy tricky locks? Flip! Flip!
Abe: Great Dogs of Fire! The Little Dudes got the lid off.
Lindsay: Cool!
Kato: Kato smell cake!
Lindsay: You do? Oh, in hippys bag, its got a zip Pet, you won't get that open....
Kato: Zippy Zip. CAKE!
Abe: I could get quite fond of her
tsk you dogs ought to be ashamed of yourselves - bought over by sugary comestibles.......tsk tsk!!