kato eye

The Canine Patient

Kato was ecstatic to be collected by the humans following her overnight stay in hospital. They have shaved an enormous area and used non-dissolving stitches. The threat of embaressing lampshade if she worries at the stitches seems to be working.

Kato was starving hungry, very thirsty, delighted to see the rest of the Collective (even Abe). Lindsay and Java had a cursory, unimpressed glance at the wound area but Nurse Abe is taking a deep interest in the puppys abdomen. Staring, sniffing, even a daring lick. The wound can't be very sore as (against doctors orders) Kato is leaping on and off furniture, up and down the stairs and trying to play Slippy Dog.

The Vet Nurse commented that Kato was timid (!!) as she had wet herself when leaving the cage. Kato is very young to be neutered and after spending a frightening 26 hours away from home in an alien environment, not peeing the bed, to us, seems very brave and clever.
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Kato looks the least like a pup back from the docs I've ever seen. Nice to see you all tonight!