kato age two

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Location: Secretville at the back of the pond

Lindsay: Wotcha Java, didn't expect to see you down here, what with it raining and you being a big Jessy where weathers concerned.
Java: Well, its kinda quiet up Collective HQ.
Lindsay: Yeah, kind of peaceful, tranquil.
Java: Humans are just fretting about the Critter being in hospital. Stoopid barkers
Lindsay: Tsk! Barkin humans. Over protective barkers. They should just enjoy the peace like us.
Java: Yeah. Its going to be a blissfully sedate evening. No exhausting wrestling games.
Lindsay: No being farted on. No being used as a launch pad to imaginary prey. No being concussed with sudden rope-toy assaults.
Java: No being dive bombed.
Lindsay: No clangs and crashes when she does the Unexpected Demolition Thing.
Java: Heh! Did you see the Little Dude get the broom and demolish the kitchen?
Lindsay: Ha Ha. Yeah, trashing Plant Pots, devouring hippys shoes, man that was woofin' crazy.
Java: And then she got that chocolate cake out of hippys bag!
Lindsay: yeah, Little Dude, just threw it at our paws. Bless her little.....errr...damn thieving Critter
Java: Ha Ha He He and then putting her Little Wet Nose in my ear to say an affectionate Sorry for spilling coffee on my coat.
Lindsay: He He He - and dragging the quilts down the stairs, messing up her bed before settling down all warm and cute with me for the night.
Java: Guess the Little Dudes doing OK? All alone in that frightening vetinary hospital wondering what she's done wrong to be dumped there.
Lindsay: I reckon so. Its not like *we're* missing her. Humans rang at 3 and she was doing fine. I just overheard. I wasn't interested or anything.
Java: Critters back tomorrow. At 10. I just heard that when I was searching for errrrrr....important stuff.
Lindsay: Humans think because we have been doing Important Stuff searching, we're missing the Little Dude
Java: Tsk! As if!