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Tomorrow Kato goes to be "done" - its pre-season but after careful consideration it was felt for the best in a household of four girl dogs. Unusually for any vets we have known before, they will be keeping Kato in overnight. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the Collective react to this. Our humans will no doubt be fretting about the poor, frightened Sweetness spending a night away from home. Kato is allowed no food from 8pm - so far so good, but its not easy when the Little Princess considers floorboards, bricks, builders, ladders, staircases and CD cases as a snack. Java has done a fine job of wearing out the puppy with a marathon game of Speed Slippy Dog Samouri. Hopefully, Kato will sleep through and not notice the lack of breakfast tomorrow. Yeah right! hippy has the heartsnapping job of leaving the helpless little orphan Kato at the vets at 8-30am

Was It Good For You?

Abe and Java haven't seen each other for almost four weeks now. Tomorrow is the planned reintroduction on neutral territory. Vet, Catherine, was very understanding that rehoming is not an option, and will refer us to a behaviourist if we feel the need to go down that route.  Think we will ask for Catherine in future, except for Lindsay who sees Jerry, they go back a long way. We even have a DAP diffuser (though hatty human thinks its new age hippy nonsense) but possibly if it works (which it doesn't) we need more than one in a house this size. Though Abe didn't freak when human Play Bit her on the Snooter - normally she would go mental. Abe and Java are less upset when its their turn to go into solitary - but that could be they are just getting used to it and value this time out from the fray. (Not to mention the pilchard stuffed kong with cheese topping).

Lindsay sits on the sidelines of all the dog politics, ooozing Wisdom and Respect (who would have thought!) Able to control the pup with a curl of her lip. Indifferent to the jostling for a higher place in the pack. Her command is not hindered by her partial sight/hearing and looniness.

In house news - we have new kitchen windows, ordered an aga cooker (dogs will love it), ordering kitchen tomorrow. Its been five months without a cooker and mircowaved food starts to get you down. Though the various takeaways can be incorporated into a dog walk.