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Today the Collective have been covertly drugged. Yellow tablets were crushed up and hidden in our food. Being dogs, and hungry, our instincts made us consume all our tucker. Damn instincts.

Tomorrow the Critter goes to the vet to discuss her sexual maturity. Humans hoping she can be *done* before first season to avoid the misunderstandings, shoplifting and floods of tears that hormone surges will bring. Maybe too late, Kato is wimpery, a little distressed and restless. Half heartedly chewing on her blue textured bone, not wanting to play Slippy Dog but most disturbing, finding Abe.....attractive.

Maybe thats the stuff they put in our food and a large, softened,jet propelled Poo of Vengeance is on its way.
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.....oh and another thought! perhaps the crushed yellow pills will eventually be making you ALL find Abe attractive!!! Every dog has his day, and it looks like Abe's is coming.....!!