kato age two

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6-15am Humans were woken up this morning by the Collective. "Flippin shurrup yer furry bass" was the ungrateful response. hippy eventually stumbled out of bed "Theres just loads of police cars outside, whats yer problem dog bass"
"OK, whatever, talk to the paw cos these bitches ain't listening no more."

Humans leave the house at 8-05, which is late and may involve the Missing of Trains but Stop Dead in their tracks when they notice many police cars and that "Police Line - Do Not Cross" tape accross the church entrance. Consumed with curiosity hatty human goes to ask the policemen what gives. They take their names, ask did they hear anything, and just remark that it will be in the paper later. CID are lurking when hippy returns for his lunchbreak, question him again but strangely don't want to come in and meet the Brave Collective!

The Depress and Star later reports that a serious sexual assault has taken place in the church grounds.

Worrying though, was it the assault that woke the collective or the arrival of the police? We suspect the latter, theres an 8 foot wall between us and the church and various locked gates between that wall and the car park area.