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Kato may have a wee infection. Our humans who study every minscule detail of Kato's being, think they spotted evilness in her wee. So she was at the Vets faster than anyone could utter "Overly Concerned Owners". The little princess is now on antibiotics and hippy is stalking her with a plastic receptacle as Vet would like a sample. Other than a slightly raised temperature the Sweetness is full of beans, chewing madly due to teething and wanting to play Slippy Dog at every opportunity. Even the sulky Abe conceded to play a few rounds of Slippy with the youngster. Lindsay has given in to her role as Ma Ma (see icon) and sleeps affectionally with the babe. 

Kato no longer fits through the railings to Neighbour Mad Bob, no matter how buttered or how hard you push. So the cherub is off her trainer lead, and free to explore the garden, follow the Elder Collective around, fling bricks, dig up tree roots, fall in the pond. Kato has learnt her name, good on recall and to sit and to down. Kato has not yet learnt the capitalist approach that the Collective advocate and is carrying out these instructions without food rewards settling for fuss and admiration. She will learn.

Slippy Dog - Mortal Combat version.  Kato and Java.  http://floot.demon.co.uk/dogs/kato4/  if you click on the pictures to full size , it looks really vicious. But its very controlled and amicable by the Big Sister Java.

Kato is now 5 months old and 16.5kg.  A dogs weight at 6 months is aproximately half their adult weight. Considering the rest of the Collective average at around 22kg - its probably best to forge those friendships now.

Our humans when not analysing each atom of the SugarPuff spent their weekend watching Black Books 3 marvelling at how like balsall_heathan   Dylan Morans character is and putting up Ikea CD thingys. The cardboard box for CD thingy is now shredded and strewn.

Jazz weighs about 32kg, she is quite slim (yes Jazz, and elegant) for a GSD. I know she seems big, but as GSD's go she's not, her mum and all of her siblings (that we have met) are all bigger than her. Some quite a lot bigger eg a 'little' brother who is probably 4" taller at the shoulder and a much heavier build. So I guess Kato's going to be nearer him than Jazz. Heh heh heh can't wait.

Kato is much bigger than Abe now, and is nose-to-nose with Java when they wrestle. But I don't think she will be as tall as Jazz. I think she will fill out sideways. Her head is big and rotty like, her legs are muscular. But who knows, I thought Abe was some sort of doberman cross but I am now sure she is just a typical Yampy Jack Russel Terrier type thing.

How far/long do you walk Jazz each day?
Impressive snarl on that Java. Last time I saw one of those, it was headed for my hand ;o) Give her a massive raspberry on the heid from me!
The Mortal Combat Slippy Dog look really ferocious but neither Kato or Java has a mark on them. If Kato does squeak then Java backs off immediately. Java is currently chewing a very revolitng puppy nylabone, not because she wants to, but to show Kato that she can and that she will choose to give it up. Kato is letting out semi-threatening barks, her nose getting within millimetres of the desired bone thingy, but Java is just chewing, chewing. When Kato gives up, Java will just drop the bone with disinterest on to the floor. Interesting stuff but not for the feint hearted.