kato age two

Little Kato Learns Names

Human pointing at Java: Whose this then?
Kato: Ja-Ja
Human: Awwww, sweetness its Big Sister Java
Humans pointing at Lindsay: Whose this old granny then?
Kato: Limby, Ma-Ma, Limby
Humans: Awwwwww, sugarpuff!
Humans pointing at Abe: And whose this then?
Kato: Pointless little shithouse
If Abe were sensible, she would invest in a deep friendship with Kato. Kato, who is head and shoulders above Abe at 5 months old. But Abe is not sensible,she does play Slippy Dog with the pup, but also gives her very sour looks and hides the toys.
She has learned well. And I was only trashing Abe in front of her for a _couple_ of hours!
Poor little Abe. Tho she gets on better with Kato than we expected. Kato was throwing up the other morning (Kato shouldn't have that last floorboard/brick, but you know how it is when your young, just one more for the road eh!) and Abe went to see if there was owt worth scavenging. Kato really snapped angrily at Abe. Abe was very thoughtful afterwards. But seemed impressed.