kato age two

Is Humanity Really Sick

Go here http://www.ourdogs.co.uk/ and click on interactive to vote against hunting with dogs / shock collars / docking.

The current results are disturbing so we suspect some IT literate w*nker has written a program to be able to have multiple votes. Its either that or we have to believe that humanity is extremely sick.

Kato is testing her boundaries and relationships - so school should be interesting this afternoon. Kato's gastric routine is so established she spent from 7-15am licking at hippys mouth to try and invoke some breakfast. All the little love invoked was "Fugg Off Iss Sundee".

Shame the routine at the other end of Kato isn't as established. House smells like zoo. And where in dogs name does the little petal find a cow pat to roll in? Cos thats what she smells like at times.
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voted - no I can't believe that polls on a dog site would get those kinds of results - but then human beings are a bunch of scumbuckets in general, so who knows?!?