kato age two


Previous members of the Collective were housetrained in the Praise for Appropriate Deposits and being Strongly Chided for the Wrongfully Placed Deposits method. With Kato, we have taken a more modernistic approach with Utter Jubilation for Appropriate Deposits and Indifferent, Mildly Miffed for Wrongfully Placed Deposits. Katos housetraining still leaves much to be achieved, but then she is only 5 months old and only 5 weeks into living in a place where housetraining is absolutely required. But this approach (which does involve much biting of the lip when you step into a wet patch or the air brings special messages that something whiffy is in the hall) is certainly aiding a chilled atmosphere and a calm, affectionate puppy, who is still quite respectful of who is TheTop Dog becuase we control the rewards. The rewards not just being foody things, but fuss, games and freedom.

Kato only gets ticked off briefly if we catch her immediately in the act, such as counter surfing, playing too rough, chewing furniture/structure or accidental nips/bites. Her training is very much reward based and any unrequired behaviour is ignored (unless it hurts/ is too destructive/or endangers her). If Kato wees in view of humans in the house, The Guardian (only the best for our little sugarpuff) is shoved under her rump and then a happy run out to the garden. Any destructive behaviour (floorboard chewing / sofa wrecking) Kato is told No! and given alternative chew item. Be interesting to see how this approach compares to other doglets.