kato age two

Tia - Kato's Mum

This is Tia, Kato's Mum. Tia was abandoned and found with her 3 day old pups in a park in Ireland and was then "rescued" by a fantastic Rescue based in South Wales. Tia brought her up her puppys, who have now all been rehomed. Tia was rehomed recently to a family with a small child. The homecheck and the initial meetings went well, Tia was gentle and considerate towards the child. Sadly the place only lasted a week as the child (not the dog) was jealous and upset.  Tia gets on with dogs, horses, people. When we met her she was beautiful tempered, placid and happy. Still maternal towards her last baby as we took Kato away for her new life with us, but not cross with us for taking her. Kato got in a squabble with another dog while we were there, Tia appeared out of nowhere to check on her baby.  Tia returned to the rescue after her week away quite happily which shows what an adaptable, easy natured dog she is. It means a lot to us that Tia finds her forever home. Five Dogs would probably be too many (at the moment - LOL). Tia is probably 95% German Shepherd but the rescue did wonder if there was a little bit of collie in there somewhere. Probably too old for cutietrol  (I forget her age its between 3-6)  Ideal dog for balsall_heathan but wrong timing as he hasn't bought his house yet. It wouldn't be possible for us to foster at the moment with things being tense between A&J.  Tia will probably find a home very quickly as she is so rehomeable. Life at this particular rescue is good - lots of freedom and love.


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