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So off we went to Kato's socialisation class which takes place in the sports hall of a  private school. The school is crumbling and old fashioned. Very Hogwarts, remarked our humans. This week as we left there was a large, Robbie Coltrane sized bloke, cleaning out the Pygmy Goat run and announcing loudly in a Black Country accent that "these goats am very partial to peppermints". Hagrid?

Kato enjoyed her class, braver than last week. Barking "Feck Off" as the main training class did the Round Cones exercise. But she soon just lay down quietly and watched the 20 or so bigger dogs learning Down Stay. Just getting a little ruffled when a huge German Shepherd gave her the evils at breaktime. The trainer said that Kato will be taking in more than we realise and will find the proper training less stressful when she starts in January.

Lindsays hearing is failing. balsall_heathan had remarked on Lindsay either being Mad as a Biscuit or being deaf. To get Lindsay to recall - involves much flashing of lights and dramatic semaphore waving of arms. We fully expect small aircraft to start landing in the garden.

On Java's walk today she was besieged by squirrels. This threw all obediance out of the window. Abe and Lindsays walk found us a Pizza TakeAway place in walking distance. Result!

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