kato age two

Peace Barks Failed

Humans made a clumsy attempt to re-introduce Abe & Java. It failed and they were at each others throats within seconds. But then, it wasn't neutral territory and neither were muzzled. Abe did go passive though. It seems Java was the agressor. Kato gets on well with all three dogs. Hopefully, when Kato matures she will assume a natural Top Dog status and we can put all this behind us. Lucky this house is big enough to accomodate two dogs who need to live seperately.

Abe and Java have always had a stormy relationship - Kato's arrival has just lifted the lid on discontent that has been simmering for years. One side effect is that Abe and Java have become closer to Lindsay.

One of the solutions suggested on Dog Pages forum is to to get a boy dog to sort these bickering bitches out. But Abe, Java and Lindsay have reacted negatively to boy dogs in the past. And five dogs must be Too Many.

Katos pictures go out of date very quickly - humans go to bed with a cute puppy in the adjacent basket and wake up with a  grumbling rotty sitting at the end of the bed. But then she morphs into an energetic GSD. And then morphs into some soppy, affectionate mix of playful canine exuberance and inteligent puzzler. Kato needs a lot of mental stimulation, firm guidance and a lot of play.  Being "leggy" she is on restricted exercise and only allowed 25 minutes of fast running or long walking per day at the moment.

Cute Kato pictures and dogs in boxes


dr_funkensteins sleeping bag
Thats possibly your sleeping bag Dr F in the photos. I am guessing you didn't want it anymore and won't mind it being given over to keep cute,ickle puppy warm and safe.
OK - you're all cute - but at the moment Kato is winning the beauty competition!
Too cool.

I went off to a rescue place (not a great one) at the weekend and saw a load of neurotic GSDs and a mad crossbreed (looked like lurcherx staffy bull) with tiger stripe markings. Mad it was and very bouncy.

But not now. Not now.
Theres never a right time - its like having a baby, or something. I think you should keep your eyes on the rescues - I think you would be the ideal owner for one of the more powerful breeds/mixes. I asked Fionna at the rescue where we had Kato from, to let me know if any suitable puppys or youngsters came her way. A lot of the puppies are brought here from Ireland. (Thats where Kato's mum and her litter were found abandoned)